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For over 7 years the go-to place for kids and adults in the West Islip area originally known as Swirls & Twirls.  In an effort to remove franchise restrictions and bring you more choices of higher-quality products many of you have asked for we are changing our name to Fusion Yogurt and Bowls!

You spoke, we listened! Higher quality yogurts even better than before!  As an example - our new Strawberry coming soon for every gallon of mix it has an entire pound of Strawberries in it!  Our Peanut Butter flavor - just when you thought it couldn't get any better now has an entire pound of quality peanut butter right in the mix!

You nominated us for the Best of Long Island as having the BEST Pretzel on Long Island (Thank you for that), but also as offering the best yogurt in the Long Island area! We listen to you - so if you like the changes help us do it again!  We will have the new Ultimate Grilled Cheese which is hard to beat, we are adding a NEW line of Acai Bowls to enhance what many are calling the best bowls on Long Island, where the berries are actually carefully picked and processed from select areas in Brazil to you! The taste, texture and color are second to none!  Come in for your free sample! More great tasting, healthy options than ever!

See what everyone is talking about

at Fusion Yogurt and Bowls!

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