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Yogurt, Ice Cream, Gelato & Sorbet

Whatever you desire Low Fat, Non fat, Gluten free, Low Sugar, Gelato, Ice Cream - we have it!


Acai/Pitaya Bowls & Smoothies

Our ACAI Puree is made fresh daily!  You wont find scoopable sorbet here! Taste the diference!

Classic acai.JPG

Freshly made Waffles & Crepes

Nothing like one of our freshly made waffles, or Waf-nut.  A Waf-nut is a cross between a donut and a waffle


Nick  Robinson


Our Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Mac & Cheese Breadbowl

Pretzella - Award wining pretzel

French Toast Sticks - Platter or to Go!


Children's Parties

Get togethers!

Over 7 years experience with Parties -  Make your life easy!  Allow us to take care of your next party or event!

Birthday 3'x4' v3-01-01.jpg
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